SaveTheShirts.com is devoted to bringing awareness to a variety of causes. New t-shirt designs will be offered on a regular basis, each one that supports a specific cause. You will find a brief bit of information on the basics of the cause, and where you can delve deeper if you'd like. Buying the t-shirt will benefit the cause in multiple ways. One of the easiest ways to play a role in creating change is being a channel for awareness, and wearing a shirt can do exactly that! In one day alone think of how many people will see your shirt and wonder about it. You don't even have to do anything more than that, unless someone asks you for more information. Of course you should be a new expert to educate them, but you can always direct them here to find out more. In addition to simple awareness, a portion of the profits will be donated to related organizations, when noted. Most often there is a necessity for research to find solutions and facilities to positively impact the situation. These require funding, and you will be playing a notable part with every t-shirt purchase.

Our website is still in development, but normal operations should start up soon. The Idea Pad section will offer you a medium to let us know about a cause that needs some awareness. You will be able to read our blog to stay informed about developments with various causes and more!

SaveTheShirts.com was started by college students Stephen Beemsterboer and Alexander Crook. Together they believe in a business whose mission will benefit more than just its creators. You can contact us at service@savetheshirts.com.

Stephen Beemsterboer

“Let the picture do the talking as I work on an actual bio. ;-)”

Alexander Crook

“I also need a little bit more time to convey my story.”